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Equity release is certainly not the right solution for everyone. However, used in the right circumstances, and done correctly, it can be an effective way to preserve and protect your estate whilst enabling you to release much needed funds that are otherwise locked away in the value of your property.

Why is Equity Release useful?

  • You can protect the inheritance for your family.
  • You can stay in the comfort of your beloved home without having to make any sacrifices, such as the stress and strain of moving in order to downsize.
help with Equity Release

What are the alternatives to Equity Release?

Equity release is not always the best solution. Alternatives can be to simply re-mortgage, or sell your property to downsize or rent.

How can inheritance Made Simple help?

  • Our team of specialist consultants will help you decide if equity release is right for you, and will then guide you through the process.
  • We pride ourselves on being exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and cost effective.

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